until everything numbs over

Songwriter/recording artist I.Am.Ueno originally from Arkansas, is currently based in California. She has a passion for making music that is catchy yet also very personal and engaging. This charismatic artist manages to combine stunning melodies with infectious grooves and great beats to create a catchy yet direct and edgy sound. Looking for a natural-born wordsmith with a passion for crafting beautiful lyrics that creates a genuine connection with her audience, look no further. She is a once-in-a-generation voice who knows how to speak to people with her music and create an amazing experience. I.Am.Ueno started rapping at a very early age. What started off as a pass time activity between her and her siblings later became something that would go on to change the course of her life. Starting her career as an underground rapper, rap competitions, and performing at local and national music festivals Ueno developed a live performance with an unmatched energy and appeal that audiences can’t pull themselves away from. She goes to great lengths to create a unique sonic narrative and works hard to find a natural place in the music scene, especially in a genre that has been primarily male dominated. She quickly proved her talents and has shown the world that she means business with her flow and sound. Her persona is indeed a strong testament to her artistic expression, as U.E.N.O. stands for "Until Everything Numbs Over,” which means music is like her drug. Since the start of her career, I.Am.Ueno has been busy creating amazing songs, including her singles “Sauce” "Flight" (featuring Haverland) as well as "Snow," her holiday snag that has found success through tv commercial broadcasting since its launch. I.Am.Ueno's successful release of EP "The Transition" in late 2021, is a great example of her sonic vision, marking a really unique step forward in her artistry; her sound is becoming increasingly more personal and defined, one track at a time. This EP marks I.Am.Ueno’s expansion as an artist, as well as showcases her ability to reach a large audience with her music. She is set to release a new project in 2023 giving a deeper connection to the world of Ueno and all the adventures it entails. I.Am.Ueno is quickly generating a powerful buzz around her sound. Her inspiration from artists as diverse as Missy Elliott, Future, Kendrick Lamar, and Tyler the Creator has influenced her distinctive approach to songwriting. I.Am.Ueno is an emerging artist you definitely want to keep your eye on!