Help Ueno Create Her Visual Album!

Ueno is working on a visual album for her debut ep The Transition, help fund this experience with a tip, tips go direct to fund visual!

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I.Am.Ueno Video Shoot

Official video shoot for “Lil Bitty” and “Villain” happening 12.4.21! Look for the drop soon!

We are so excited to be back in person for our 3rd Annual Block Party. Last year we had an amazing virtual event and couldn’t wait to have one where we can all have a good time SAFELY. We have an amazing event planned for y’all @epicenterartsentertainment Nov 7th 12-6pm . . .

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I.Am.Ueno Secret Audition 2


Epicenter arts and entertainment

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Secret Audition!

Los Angeles

I.Am.Ueno has announced a SECRET AUDITION for a great streaming music opportunity! Wish her luck!!!!!

Dream Complex 2nd Annual Block Party (Virtual)