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THE POLL RESULTS ARE IN AND YOU ALL HAVE CHOSEN THE OFFICIAL COVER FOR THE UPCOMING RELEASE OF "BODY". Ueno said this one was one of her favorites already, so it looks like great minds think alike! Thanks for voting here and on Facebook/officialueno and bringing this cover to life! Ueno has been releasing snippets and THIS ONE FEELS LIKE AN ANTHEM, WE CAN'T WAIT! 

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The votes are in and it looks like you all LOVE IT!!!!

Thanks to her supporters, this is what happens when you bring a freestyle to life! It's official, the "101 Freestyle" is here!

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The Pandemic vs. I.Am.Ueno:

The Rebirth of An Independent Artist

Big shout out to LEVEL UP MAGAZINE for the latest article bringing an even more in depth view on I.Am.Ueno, her struggles and triumph as an artist during the Covid-19 Pandemic. 

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Ei8hty Ei8hty Entertainment is here!!!!

 It's official, I.Am.Ueno and Brandi Taylor are making a name for themselves in the entertainment industry by joining forces to create Ei8hty Ei8ht Entertainment. This is what happens when you merge creativity with business. Word on the street is they are already in the works of building a team of entertainment go getters to bring to their vision of a new wave of entertainment to life and we can't wait to see what happens!

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